Linda T. Hubbard – Founder, Art Along the Hudson


Art Along the Hudson

Vision/Mission/Goals 2015

“Art adds to the quality of life, boosts our local economies, and nourishes our souls”


The Hudson Valley is known as an arts destination and the art communities along the Hudson River are known for their Art Days, Events and Studio Tours, and as arts destinations.



The groups that represent the art towns and the art celebrations join together to form a marketing collaborative effort to bring focus and awareness of their art activities.  Represent over 1000 artists, 400 studio tour participants, 250 art venues, 150 art festivals and community events – plus art receptions, performances, exhibits, and more.


Tagline: “Your Guide to Art in the Hudson Valley:  Art Venues, Museums, Galleries, Cultural Events, and Studio Tours.”



1.  Create a marketing plan for the art events with a focus on monthly and major celebrations &  studio tours

2.  Fund the marketing plan (two tier – full and studio tour only) plus brochure & kickoff sponsors.

3.  Create deliverables to promote the arts.  Highlight the fact that the Hudson Valley is one of the top 20 place to visit in the world!

4.  Hold a Kickoff Media event to bring together politicians, business leaders, press, artists and art  supporters to promote the arts in the Hudson Valley.

5.  Distribute the materials throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

6.  Maintain a yearly presence.

7.  Share best practices and support each other.


Each Participating Community & Studio Tour is responsible for:

1.  Determining & creating their art related events and focus.

2.  AAH funding and payment within requested timeframe.

3.  AAH community data on their panel for the brochure & website.

3.  Updating their page on the AAH website with their events.

4.  Sending updates for monthly taglines for WAMC & WKZE radio.

5.  Helping with AAH organization activities


AAH Organization:

Fiscal sponsor is Arts Mid-Hudson

Members – each community and studio tour delegates a focal point(s)

Chair – Joanna Hess

Asst’t Chair – Open

Brochure, Ads & Website – Emily Flynn & Joanna Hess

Kickoff & Art Exhibit – Newburgh

Facebook – Jeffrey Cella